Our 3D scanning service is used daily for activities such as:

  • Studying infrastructure and sites in fine detail in 3D and with millimetre accuracy, no matter the weather conditions
  • Modelling buildings and accurately creating blueprints with Civil 3D (BIM approach - Building Information Modeling)
  • Measuring buildings in compliance with BOMA standards
  • Analyzing deformation as well as the movement of structures and materials by measuring shapes, volumes and surfaces
  • Documenting how time affects a structure, site or materials
    (4D approach)
  • Designing thematic mapping with multiple variables
  • Providing raw or interpreted data and animated data (rendered)

Géomog most commonly works with engineers and architects to find solutions and identify potential problems. Thanks to the quality, quantity and accuracy of our data, these professionals are able to make informed decisions that measurably and cost-effectively contribute to the integrity of the new structures, no matter their size or scope.

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Maximum precision from up to one kilometre away, no matter where or what the climate!

Our scanning service uses high-end, state-of-the-art devices that provide 3D data with HDR (high-dynamic-range), superior-quality images. These scans produce multicoloured, hyper-detailed point clouds.

What’s more, Géomog’s ultra-fast scans can produce up to one million points per second, at distances further than one kilometre. This can be done even in our harsh climate. We have successfully taken large-scale scans in temperatures below -20°C.

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