We are a team of enthusiastic and highly-skilled professionals who have been together since 2004, working in surveying and 3D-high-definition-scanning (HDS)-related industries.

Over the years, Géomog has successfully tackled multiple challenges that it has taken on from clients here in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada and around the world.

  • 360° expertise
  • Cutting-edge equipment for surveying and 3D HDS scanning
  • Agility and speed, even for 24/7 emergencies

Géomog isn’t just a company with professional services, technology and outstanding performance—it’s also a company that values individuals and people, which is why we’re able to provide a personalized experience for each client and project.

We combine our team’s professional expertise with a client approach based on respect, transparency, integrity and, of course, a fair price. As such, for 15 years we have earned the trust of our clients from all economic sectors and levels of government:

  • Construction
  • Consulting-engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Careers
  • Environment
  • Mining
  • Federal, provincial and municipal governments

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